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The Women's Hair
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The women's hair, whether blond or brown,
is the most beautiful adornment of women.
Fire red and silver grey
it is also a show.

Whether as a short bob
or as a yard long braid,
sexy is the women's hair,
therefore became a danger

for the uncontrolled rulers.
They don't like free women,
and the wild femininity
was ostracized for a long time.

Being a woman became a curse.
The women's hair was hidden
under hood, veil, cloth,
was pinned up, screwed up.

But with united strenght
we'll make it soon.
A lot is already different here,
we’re conquering the territory.

It's worse in Iran.
An old man rules there.
Women are still subject
and in the name of the Qur'an

even chosen to be fair game,
are whipped, tormented,
raped, killed,
harassed by day and night.

But the women say: “No!
We don't want to be slaves!"
Tear down the hijab
and cut their hair.

Are fighting with lioness courage
for freedom to the blood.
Beard is off, and the women's hair
blows so beautifully in the wind.
Ideale sind wie Sterne. Wir erreichen sie niemals, aber wie die
Seefahrer auf dem Meer richten wir unseren Kurs nach ihnen.
Carl Schurz